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Significance Of Values

We're gonna be looking at the big one. Let's take a quick peek at values.

And you might wonder why, or what's the real significance of having values. Now, if you look into almost any big company out there, or anybody else that you look up to. It's very highly possible that they will have their own list of values, the things that they stand for.

Now for me, values are something that I not only hold extremely dear to my heart, but they are non negotiable from my perspective.

So no matter what you do, you don't let go of these or whatever you do, you want to make sure it is in alignment with your values. So it's almost like value system there. Everything is inspired by our values. And whatever you do is in resonance, or in alignment with your values.

I'll talk about each of my values separately and how they came about and why I chose them as my core. I will share with those in separate ones but for today, I just share with you the list of my values. I have had these five core values for a really really long time for many years now, and the last several weeks, a sixth one has been knocking at the door and I will share all of those in just a second.

So my number one value is empowerment. Everything I do whether I'm working with clients or I'm doing other activities, or it's something that I'm doing for myself. At the end of the day, I want to make sure it is empowering to everybody that's involved. Right. So number one is empowerment.

Second one is freedom. Now freedom. When you think of the word freedom. It brings to mind for me, the wings to fly. Right. The ability to choose whatever it is that you need to choose so there is that, what can I say there is like this, breath of air that's open. And it's like a blank canvas so you can pick and start and choose what it is that you want to do. Right. So that's number two, freedom.

The third one is ecstasy. For me, ecstasy is the whole joy, or the happiness in everything, so every moment, every second, you're just being present. You're radiating exuberance from every cell in your body, and you're very happy. It's not from the perspective of a destination. I'll talk about that in another one where happiness is more a journey, not the destination but at the same level ecstasy taking things into a whole new perspective. For me it breathes life lifeforce energy into everything, so you are enjoying every moment. So it's not just about dance it's not just about creativity, it's not just about feeling good only when something is working. It's about being in the moment where you're enjoying every moment and being very alive and present in every mind so that for me is ecstasy. And you have to take a stand for that. If you decide to embody that.

And then number four is authentic connection. So, it's all about whether you're connecting with yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your tribe, your business partners, or whoever it is that connection has to come from your heart. It has to be very authentic. Now, a lot of this will depend on how you relate to yourself. How comfortable are you with yourself, how you relate to yourself at many levels gets reflected in how you relate to others. And we'll talk about how others would like to you separately. That's not what I'm talking about values is just from our own perspective, this is something we stand for this is something that we align with, it's not about how other people think about it it's not about whether they like it or not and so when I talk about how you relate to others, you're just looking at it, coming from you, not from the other way. Right.

And then there is authenticity, you're being real. You're being wonderful, you're just being you. Right, so for me it goes to a whole nother level where I'm being me from a standpoint of being unapologetic I no longer will explain myself for everything. Of course, what I need to explain I will but not frickin. I don't owe an explanation for everything that I say or do I take a stand for myself. And that also means that for me authenticity is you're comfortable in your skin, you're comfortable in your body, you're comfortable being seen for whoever and whatever you are. And there's nothing that you want to hide or shy away. Well, there may be layers that we might still be working on. I'm not saying we don't have any fears about that or you don't have to have work to all your stuff, basically to feel authentic.

It's a feeling in the heart, where you know you're connected, where, you know, you are real. And there's nothing else about it and that's how you show up in everything you do and say, You are 100% present. So that's okay and so when you combine that authenticity with connection. It's a very powerful way to not disconnect with yourself, but with everybody else around you as well. So that's number four, authentic connection.

The fifth one that is very important for me personally is fierce compassion. Now we might be, how do those three women go together.

Right. Great question. I will say, that's how it came to me as well, because they seem to be so opposite at some level, what is fierce compassion. So, when there is a kindness. That is a level of care and concern that is very genuine. And there's compassion. Right, but at the same time, you're not willing to step down, or let somebody walk all over you or trespass your boundaries are taken for granted. And this is not just for yourself, you're taking a stand for people around you as well. The way it comes for me is when I'm working with times. I see so much potential it's possible I can totally see the transformation that they can go through when we do this work together. And that for me is non negotiable.

So there are times I end up, you know, having a little argument, but then I'm working that space for what's really possible without negotiation without saying, without bringing it down at any level I want the highest and best for my people. So that's where the fear comes in. So it's almost like, You know, the Tigris with our cups right so she has called the compassion and playfulness and nurturing going on for her cups at the same time. Somebody dare come near them. They had it. That's how the fierce compassion shows out.

And the sixth one that I've been looking at, but haven't yet decided what to do with it, is what I call synergy. Now synergy is a whole different frequency for me because it talks about resonance it talks about alignment. And that is something I'm seeing very powerfully unfold, as I connect with different people in different areas of my life and that's the frequency, I'm looking for whether it's a client or a business partner or anything, right, what is the synergy synergy is not just a partnership or a relationship it is when you think of exponential increase in the power when the two come together. That's what I'm talking about.

So it's similar to, let's say one plus one does not equal two, but it actually equals 11. So one plus one equals 11. That's what I'm talking about, for synergy. And that's something that's really been coming up for me the last several days maybe even weeks. So for all you know this might show up as my sixth.

Now, if you're wondering how do I even get started with this, if I don't even know what my values are, stop writing down the list of all the different words that really speak to you at a very deep level. They are powerful they're meaningful they are significant at many levels. Right. So, and then really narrow it down to five or maybe six at the most. I wouldn't say that should be the maximum because then it gets diluted if we have 10 or 20 of them, it goes to go all over the place. So we just I have stuck with my five for many many years now officers six plumbers knocking against it, but it's really important to have the core ones. So that's another way of looking at it.

You could have five core values and then you could have a few more that are secondary but they're not part of your core. So, then, keep that in a place that you can look at it, often maybe your bathroom mirror or your computer or your phone someplace that reminds you of these words that are super significant for you.

So I would love to hear what values you came up with, share it with us share it with the community. And if there's anything else I can support you with that, you know, reach out to me and connect with me.

Until next time, take care, and I will see you on the next video.

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