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Theme ~ Consistency & Higher purpose


There is a rhythm in consistency that enables the flow state. Intentional actions aligned with our higher purpose opens us up to infinite potential. Use this elixir to support you in taking the next step in balancing giving & receiving.

Everyone heals at a different pace depending on what is happening all day every day.

Remember to be kind & gentle with yourself as you embark on this new journey.


Archetype ~ Giving & Receiving

  • This elixir may help you acknowledge your blessings, resources & support systems

  • This elixir may help you release fear & other limiting patterns so you know what is working & what is not in different areas

  • This elixir may help you clear limiting energies so you can bring in systems that support you

  • This elixir may help you gain more clarity & awareness on your higher purpose

  • This elixir may help you gently open up to the deeper levels of exploring how you can impact more lives around you

  • This elixir may help you initiate healing for persistent emotional issues such as procrastination, indiscipline, resistance, etc.

  • This elixir may help you work towards progress rather than perfection so you can bring in excellence.


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  • Energized water infused with dozens of healing frequencies for specific theme.
  • No other physical ingredients – so no taste or allergies!

Recommended dosage:

  • 1 dropper squeeze (approx. 30 drops) twice a day. Consistency is key!
  • Each 1oz bottle typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks.


Compliments For The Elixirs

  • "I feel like an energizer bunny"

  • "For the first time, I'm able to enjoy deep sleep & wake up with more energy"

  • "I don't feel as hungry & still have a lot of energy"

  • "I feel happy & calm & positive with just the first dose!"

  • "I don't need to take an afternoon nap anymore – I can keep going!"

  • "It feels good to see the abdomen area slimmer & more toned"

  • "I can feel the frequency of the elixir just by holding the bottles!"

  • "This is my new happy spray"

*8* 'Purpose'ful Flow State

    • Can you take more than 1 elixir at the same time?

      Absolutely yes! There is no conflict & the elixirs are meant to work together.

    • What if you take more than the recommended dose?

      It is impossible to overdose or push for too much in one go. The elixir will support you where you are & work from there.
      Everyone heals at a different pace – the body does go through resets. Remember to be kind to yourself as you go through this beautiful healing journey.

    • Can I use a dropperful to create another bottle of the elixir?

      No. Each bottle is programmed with a certain number of doses.
      So when you charge a bottle with a dropperful, it will be one dosage even though consumed at different times.

    • Will there be any upgrades to the elixir?

      Yes. As we continue to upgrade the formula, your bottle will automatically receive the energetic infusions.
      There is nothing more to be done on your side. We want to make it easier & simpler for you.

    • Why are there no other physical ingredients other than water?

      So we don't worry about t