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Do you relate to any of these? If you answer yes to one or more questions, this may be the answer you're looking for: 


  • Do you sometimes feel more tired or stressed at home than in other places?
  • Do you easily get distracted & lack focus?
  • Are you seeking change but old patterns keep pulling you down?
  • Do you struggle with finding right colors & clothes?
  • Do you feel like your job keeps you from living your full potential?
  • Would you like to have more self-confidence? 
  • Do you experience communication issues or relationship conflicts?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep?


What are Success Co-ordinates?

  • Success co-ordinates are a powerful combination of directions, colors, metals & numbers that are custom channeled for you
  • When you align with what works for you, progress & success are inevitable
  • These co-ordinates are one of the fastest ways to creating a positive shift in your life
  • In fact, you can use them anywhere – at home, at work, during travel or anywhere you go.


What's included in this session?

  • One 1on1 session where you will receive your personal success co-ordinates & how to tap into these energies right away
  • Recording of the session so you can re-listen & refer to as many times as you like
  • Address any questions you have on this topic.


NOTE: This session must be scheduled & completed within 30 days of purchase.

Personalized Success Co-ordinates - Use at home & on-the-go

    • Power Directions
      This is the direction you face when working on important activities such as those that need focus, meditating, eating,  creating content, speaking at events, etc.


    • Sleep Directions
      The quality of your sleep is very dependent on the direction of your bed.


    • Power Colors
      Build your rainbow according to the theme I suggest for you. Colors can be used for clothes, accessories, furniture, upholstery, décor, paintings plus more! 


    • Power Numbers
      These are super useful for home numbers, mailbox numbers, rental properties, bank lockers, office suites, hotel room numbers plus more!


    • Power Metals
      The primary focus here is jewelry. Different metals work differently for people. We can also talk about specific crystals if that interests you.
    • The sessions or products on this website are not a medical diagnosis nor are they a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, or other qualified professionals
    • You understand & agree that you are fully responsible for your physical, mental & emotional well-being, including the choices & decisions you make
    • No refunds after the session is scheduled as we start the preparation for your co-ordinates right away. 
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