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This geode will be custom cleansed & energized before shipping so it retains its high vibe for extended periods of time without the need for periodic cleansing!


Amethyst is a favorite both with beginners & advanced energy practitioners. 


Chaneled info is unique to each crystal offered on this website.

Below list is specific to this gorgeous geode:


  • Themes & key frequencies: Clarity, Protection, Intuition, Grace, Creative Inspiration (tap into these energies while you meditate or connect with the crystal once you receive it)
  • Chakra(s): 3rd Eye (located in your forehead area)
  • Elemental Energies: Air & Earth
  • Sacred Geometry Symbol(s): Infinity
  • Affirmation(s): I am inspired. I am creative.

{energized} Amethyst Geode