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Art with Purpose

This is another favorite topic of mine. High-frequency art whether it is paintings, photography, wall hangings whatever form that it may take. I call that the healing art.

On my website, I have a section called Art with Purpose which is still being created and which I will build and grow over time. This is something dear to my heart not just because every object carries its own energy or frequency, but also because it helps spread the word about the artist without having to worry about selling the original pieces. Before I go into the frequency of art itself, the way it works on my website is we create high-resolution, scanned images of the original pieces And then we print them on canvas. We then infuse them with high-frequency energetics for different purposes such as abundance, love, confidence, sacred space happiness, peace of mind, courage, whatever it could be. We use one or more specific frequencies that will be infused into the art. And when that comes into your space whether you put it in your home or office, it will be radiating that particular frequency and transforming the frequency of the space it goes into.

A lot of times when we buy paintings or any piece of art, it comes with its own frequency either good or bad. The ones who created it, the ones who sold it, and the ones who shipped it are all different people who handle the piece at different points along its journey before it makes it into your home or office. So it picks up a lot of different frequencies along the way and something that started out as positive may get reset. Then once it comes into your space, it will influence how you feel about it. What's on the art piece also matters. If it's something that you look at and you smile and makes you happy then that's the frequency you want to be in. If it feels disturbing it makes you sad or it makes you upset, why even have it in your space? The reason I'm very picky about the pieces of art I use in my space is because of these frequencies. I'm using that same filter to select the artists whose pieces will come on my website because I want to make sure that those pieces resonate with my tribe, and with my people. I want to make sure that my community also feels aligned with the frequencies and the pieces that we offer. It is a two-way street. You want to make sure it is a mutual resonance at the end of the day. That is the perspective I want you to look at when you start looking at different things in and around your home. Bring your awareness of how you feel about those pieces. Every object has its own energy and art can be very healing when you bring in the right pieces. In fact, the right piece can transform the whole energetic atmosphere in the space. With that perspective, I want you to start noticing the different pieces that are in your home and take a look at how you feel about them. Does that make you smile? Does that make you happy? If not time to make some new decisions and replace them. Share with me some pictures of art that inspire you in your space. And if there's anything else that I can support you with, feel free to reach out to me. There are a few on my website that you can take a look at and order.

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