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Colors for The Family Room

Let's talk colors, shall we?

The focus for now is the family room / dining area. That's one of my favorite places to look at when I'm working on a home. Because this is where everybody comes together to sit down to watch TV or have dinner together, or simply spend time as a family. It's pretty much an important point of focus in addition to the kitchen.

These are the two primary spaces that we tend to spend more time as a family. And the colors here are key to the quality of the experience we have. You can start looking into it at soon you watch this video. Pause for a moment and think about your experience as a family in your home - has it been enjoyable consistently or have there been challenges?

Family room and dining area should definitely be warm and welcoming - because it directly influences bringing people together and the quality time they immerse in. You want the folks at home to gather a lot more easily and with less effort so you don't dread what happens when they're together.

I'll share some of the things that don't do well here and then we'll look at what works well as well. There are times I see very dull or neutral color palettes in this area. I can tell there's not really much happening in this area of the house - the family room.

In order for the dynamics to work and for communication to open up and for people to really have a good fun time together, the colors play an important part. Sitting down once in a while to watch a show is not the same as hanging out almost every day and having so much fun that you look forward to it every day, even if it is just a few minutes.

Another element that matters is the energy of different objects (art, flowers, crystals, statues, furniture, etc.) in the space - I cover this is in another article. Something to pay attention to is everything has its own energy.

Now let's jump into what really works here. These guidelines are applicable independent of the layout and the other arrangements in your home.

The best colors for family and dining are warm colors. Think of it as warm and bright shades of orange, yellow, green or red. These colors create excitement and are energizing at many levels. Select the shades based on what tones appeal overall to everyone at home - balance is key. Let these shades remind you of the sunny, summer flowers.

You don't have to spend a fortune on this - you don't have to redo and repaint the whole thing. You can bring in great accessories such as pillows, throws, rugs, happy pictures, a few crystals and some flowers. Flowers do a really good job with positively shifting the frequencies by bringing in new energies and makes the whole space come alive.

I personally prefer fresh flowers and strongly recommend that you avoid dried ones as much as possible - they are lifeless. So if this is your excuse to go buy fresh flowers every two weeks, just do it :) It will completely change the way you feel when you walk into the space.

Consider bringing in some glitter and sparkles. If you're like me, you might like something shiny stuff here and there! Get started and go slow - try a few things at a time and see how that feels. You can also play with curtains or add a couple accents to your windows. Pillows definitely are the easiest to start with and will enhance the character of the space in so many ways. Even a nice rug in the area will make a huge difference.

In fact, I like to mix and match even with the cutlery and placemats. I have plates and bowls in different colors - that way not everything looks the same and brings in variety. There's a lot of harmony when you bring the rainbow colors plus it looks good too!

So time to now a look at your family room and explore ways to bring in some sunshine so that it is not only inviting for everyone at home but also for visitors. They will all feel a difference and shift in the energy as well - whether they are conscious about it or not.

I would love to hear from you - share pictures, your findings, what did you change and how did these make things better. Keep me posted on your space makeover adventures and have fun :)

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