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The Impact of EMF on Your Sleep

We're gonna be talking about invisible toxins in the environment, specifically the bedroom. Well, if you've already read the title, you know what I'm talking about. And I call this invisible because it's so not something you can put your finger on, but it's literally everywhere you go, it kind of follows you no matter where you go.

Yeah, I'm talking about EMF electromagnetic frequency, the thing that is radiated from almost on electronics and a whole lot of other things that we know that exists today and yeah they apparently make our life a lot more convenient, but it is impacting, a lot of lives, many levels, especially depending on the level of exposure and the intensity at which that exposure is gone.

Now, you might say, what about it right yeah I know I understand you cannot escape from it, no matter where you go, it's going to be there, whether it's a cell phone tower or a microwave or, you know, a TV or whatever so there's so much of electronics and equipment and stuff all over so no matter where you go it's gonna be there so there's really no escape from it unless you're living the books, and you might still need some of that or you know if you need internet, or if you need to print or if you need to work on your laptop or any of these gadgets, you're bringing it in.

Wherever you go, although yes it's much less. When you go outside the city or when you're in nature. But one thing that I want to cover today, if not any, any other parks is look at what's really going on in your home, because that's where we spend a lot of our time and more so I want to draw our attention to the bedroom. And a lot of people have TV in the bedroom, and they don't even turn it off when they go to bed.

So imagine the amount of emf exposure smaller, doesn't matter that is happening all night. So there's no way you're going to get restful deep, good quality sleep. If that's what's been bothering you all night and especially for most people, it's pretty close to them, right in front of the bed, if not anywhere else. Or if you have a printer or a Wi Fi router. That's another thing, completely turn them off before you go to bed. Even the TV.

When I say off I mean completely off. If possible, switch it off from the main plug. It might almost always be easier if you just had something like an extension or a spike Buster where you had all these things plugged in and you just turn off one and a switch before you go to bed so that you know everything has to be turned off. Yeah, or driver like I don't know the TV and whatever other big gadgets, you might have inside. Turn them completely off. And another thing I definitely recommend you do is keep your cell phones or iPads or computers whatever they may be at least five feet away from you. When you go to bed. Even if it's in airplane mode, it doesn't matter if it's still on.

Right, so any gadget, anything electronic, keep it at least five feet away from you. Especially if you cannot shut it down or if it needs to be there. I don't know why but if it needs to be there in your bedroom. Then, make sure it's at least five feet away. Well, and upside to that as let's say the alarm rings in the morning, you'd have to get up and go and get that thing right so there is a higher chance you'll wake up without having to snooze the alarm like 20 times. So that might help. And some people will say oh I put it in airplane mode, doesn't matter if it's still on. Right. And if you're someone that is in the habit of watching something before you go to bed either on your phone or iPad or your laptop. Please don't keep it on your body.

What I mean is don't directly make it first on your body, wherever whether it's the lab or anywhere else that you might be holding the device, keep something in between like a pillow or any of these lap desks are there's plenty of options out there so that is needed to the body is not continuously exposed to this particular frequency all the time. And there's plenty of other things you can even look around the home.

There are many options to bring down the EMF radiation, and the impact of that in the house can give options for that. You can do some research and see what works for you and what resonates with you. Research is important, because you don't know if a particular product works for you or not unless you really read about and try it.

So I would say, do some research. Get to know what's going on around you understand where the nearest cell phone tower is, or some other major power setup near you all of these will impact your health at many levels, whether it's small or big, it's not matter because it's the long term effects we're looking at why we cannot escape.

We can at least minimize, and that's the theme I want to share with you. If you have any further questions or if you'd like to connect to know more, feel free to reach out, happy to hear from you and happy to support you.

Until next time. Take care.

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