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Emotional Baggage in the Property

Look at what really triggers intense emotional experiences in the environment. So when I talk about the environment. I'm talking both about home, office, or any other building for that matter.

Where you could be living, working, going to get something or it could be any kind of property. I like to refer to a lot of these at home because that's primarily, where people spend a lot of their time when it comes to resting and rejuvenating. So, although I might stay home a lot.

It also includes other buildings, such as offices, your business, school, warehouse anything for that matter. All the links are included. So we'll dig a little bit into what in the environment, triggers intense reactions for different people. So let's say you live on a property, which is more than, 10 or 20 years old. It simply means that there is a lot of history on that property. Because a lot of people have either lived there or have worked there. And for the purpose of this particular discussion, I'm just going to narrow down and work with the home aspect, because that's where people seem to get triggered a lot more than any other place.

If you live in a really old home the key thing to remember is the people that have either lived there before you or owned the place before you have gone through a lot of different emotional experiences in that particular space. And when we go through an emotional experience, good or bad, we leave behind what I call energetic fragments in that space.

Now, if you think about it, some of us regularly detox and cleanse our physical bodies. But how many of us will give the same amount of attention to detox a space?

Not just physically but even emotionally and energetically. When was the last time that you cleansed or detoxed from emotional energy? So let's say there's been a lot of anger, or there's been a lot of grief, or sorrow, or even some kind of abuse. Whatever it could be even hatred, jealousy, anxiety, or worry if the people that have lived in that space, have gone through a lot of these at very intense levels.

Several times it almost has this sandwich effect that I call the kind of base layer on layer on layer. Because of that, there is a cumulative effect on those emotions face. So what happens is when someone walks in, but it's feeling that emotion from some other experience, but suddenly walks into a space and they're suddenly triggered by that same emotion, whether it's anger or grief or whatever it could be.

It's like familiar sparks, right, they're so familiar. It just blows up so you could suddenly feel so much angry, feel so much more stressed and upset when they walk into that particular space. If you wonder what has happened, the person just lost control and there was nothing you could do about it then. Naturally, people get triggered so much more in a particular space. Maybe you know there is so much more stress in the home, that there are communication issues, there may be relationship conflicts, it could go in so many ways. When there is emotional baggage or emotional toxicity you could easily get triggered.

So the next time. Something is driving you up the wall, literally. I highly encourage you to just step back a little bit and see what is really going on how much of it is your own emotions, and how much are you feeling like it's being triggered by the environment. Because the moment you start making this distinction, you're starting to make your back.

You no longer have given away the remote control to somebody else to keep pushing those buttons, you can identify what is really bothering you from a different perspective. So that is what I encourage you to do. And we will go deeper with different emotions and other aspects of what causes all these different issues and properties and whatever is coming up for you journal about it, write about it. If you're inspired to share some of your experience maybe you've had some aha moments and revelations that came through as you were doing this, share those with us. Let me know what comes up for you, and if there's anything I can support you with whether healing the space or overcoming those different emotional packets for yourself, reach out and let me know how I can support you. I will see you in the next video.

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