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Intro to Vastu - Northeast & Southeast Directions

Hey, thanks for joining in today. We are going to look at an ancient Indian system that focuses on harmonizing the different elements and energies in buildings. It is structured and laid out in a way that the elements are balanced and harmonized to maximize health, well-being, and prosperity for everybody in that space. It's a massive field of study but we'll just focus on a couple of things to get your interest peaked.

There are four primary directions, North, South, East, and West. And then there are the diagonal directions. namely Northeast, Southeast Southwest, and Northwest. I'm just going to focus on two, northeast and southeast today. We use different directional rules for different activities. Northeast is recommended as a place of worship or a place that you dedicate to meditation. That is an area of the home that should have little to no furniture and should be kept well-lit because this is the place where we bring in positive energy that's the connection to the divine.

Southeast is the fire point in the entire property and it is recommended that you have your kitchen there. That's one of the best things that you can have in the southeast corner of your house. You can also put other items like a heater and bigger gadgets and machinery.

There will be more information in future videos so this was just meant to get you thinking and to inspire you to look at what's going on in your home. If you have questions or need support, reach out to me, and let's see how I can support you so you can move forward. So until next time, take care.

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