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Knee Pain & Moving Forward

What comes to mind when I talk about moving?

How do you feel about moving forward in different areas of your life?

There is something about movement, there is something about taking the next step. So if you're feeling some kind of resistance or rigidity with taking the next step, then it's going to manifest in the skeletal system in many different ways.

Today we will focus on knee pain, and I'll cover elbows, arms, and feet separately. Knee pain literally signifies some kind of rigidity or resistance in taking the next step. You feel like you don't want to take the next step and there is a lot of rigidity going on in your life preventing you from taking the next step. You are either not allowed to take the next step, or you don't want to take it just because there was some other resistance to you moving forward. And that's not uncommon, either. So if you've had a lot of things going on with your knees whether it's pain or injuries or whatever the case may be, it is really time to pause and think about where this rigidity is coming from.

It could be in your career, your business, or even your personal life. It could be in your own personal journey as well. It could be anywhere and it could be manifesting in one or more areas of your life as rigidity and the inability to take the next step. So, think about it, and even journal about it, and see what really comes up for you.

If there are any experiences you want to share on this particular topic, or if there's anything I can help you with in terms of looking at what's really going on at a deeper level, or if you'd like some support with resolving it so you can move forward and reach out to me and let me know how I can support you. So until next time.

Take care.

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