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The Metaphysical Meaning of Neck and Shoulder Pain

I've personally had and overcome many health issues the last few years. For now, I want to share with you my challenge and struggle with neck pain and frozen shoulder.

This is from a not so distant past but definitely very familiar and it used to be pretty intense. It was even crippling at some level because I could neither turn my head around nor like look up and down. I stored a truck load of stress in my neck and shoulders. The pain in these areas also triggered my headaches (the deeper meaning that I'll address at another time).

Here I want us to look at what is really going on with the neck, what I did and what can you do as the next step. I'll also share little pieces of my own journey so you get an idea and can relate to it if that's something you are experiencing as well.

I suffered from neck and shoulder issues for many years and I assumed that it was simply due to the nature of working at my desk all the time. I have not been a big fan of massage but I did go on and off. I did get some relief. But then, it would always come back.

There's also the deeper connection between neck issues and what's going on internally with the throat. These issues were very persistent and haunted me even before I started my journey as a medical intuitive or explored other healing modalities.

As a result of my attempt to heal these issues, I came to know that when there is a skeletal issue or pain, something is definitely out of alignment. This is where we need to stop, look at what is going and shine the light on what is really not working!

You may wonder what's out of alignment when there are problems with your neck and shoulders. With the neck issues, you are essentially out of alignment with your purpose and/or your intuition - there is something blocking the guidance that's trying to come through your crown center. That makes it very challenging to process and understand what's coming through. This is the main energetic aspect of neck and shoulder pain.

On the emotional front, it can get a bit funny if you'll stay with me here. Hopefully you're not in a lot of pain right now so you can take this with a smile - "who is being a pain in the neck in your life?" Sometimes it can literally be that simple.

We may not always think about it that way. It's called a pain in the neck for a reason! And it is true.

So whether you are trying to align with your purpose and guidance, or there's someone or something in your life that's causing the pain in the neck. It is good to take a look at what's really going on, what can you do to interrupt that pattern, what can you heal and what is the next thing to let go. So when I started to look at this seriously, both parts were applicable to me. I was trying to find my purpose and my intuition was knocking at the door - I was afraid to open up to guidance as I didn't think it would actually work for me.

There were other related aspects to work through and those were the times my neck would be extremely painful and not allow me to drive comfortably at times. Sleeping was another problem as a result of neck pain.

Now with shoulders, the theme continues. It is the burden that we carry. So what is the burden you're carrying? Personal or professional or family or something else? Whether it's a frozen shoulder or other issues or a shooting pain or the bones are out of alignment - it's all symbolic of the burden that we carry. You could carry this burden either for yourself or for others. You may or may not be consciously aware of it. And it could happen in more ways than one.

If you'd like to look at it from a spiritual or energetic point of view, it signifies that your wings have been clipped or kind of tied down. This is what is stopping you and you're unable to break free and fly.

I personally resonate with all the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of neck and shoulder issues I've shared so far. I see this with my clients as well.

It is time now to look at what is in your way of aligning with your divine purpose and opening up your intuition. And if you haven't figured out what your purpose is, that's okay and we'll talk about it real soon! What is keeping your wings clipped and at the emotional level? Who or what is being a pain in your neck? What is the burden you're carrying on your shoulders? These pains are real and it affects your driving, sleeping, working and so much more!

So as I worked through all the very many pieces, I cleared, healed and released them from my system. The neck pain went away, so did my frozen shoulders, and all the pain in my upper back - that I used to experience pretty often. It has been many years since I've had any of these issues.

I encourage you to look at what's true for you based on what I shared so far. You can either journal or have a conversation or explore ways to integrate and process these different emotions.

You can definitely share with me and/or the community for additional support. You are not alone and if there's anything I can support you - feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help you.

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