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Success Coordinates - Sleep Directions

Discussion about the different success coordinates, or the different components of the success coordinates. I gave you a quick overview in one of the earlier videos, and I also spoke about power directions in another video.

Today I'll talk about sleep directions. Now, you may be wondering, what is that, I mean how does it matter? Oh yes, it does matter. Think of your body like the head is the North Pole.

So what happens if you point your head to the North Pole, or to the northern direction when you go to sleep? Like holes right so which means that the brain, everything. Your actions are gonna have a mini check of war while you sleep, which means the brain is getting fried essentially. And the bottom line is you won't have a restful sleep. So that may be the first place to look at it, see what direction your head is pointing as you lay down.

So this may cause some confusion about Oh, is it when I set up as a parallel line down about left, right, just lie down on your bed flat on your back. And there's only one direction that the head can point to. And that's the direction I'm talking about.

So if there's one change you can do is make sure that one direction that your head points to is not, not, pretty much any other direction is okay for most people. But we can always find out what's the best one for you.

If we were to channel that energetically and find out what are the most mundane directions for you. Again, just to share it one more time, these are details or specifics that I channeled separately or specifically for each client, this is not something I put in a system or software. And this gives you something out of it. Right. So, this is something that I do channel and it is unique, it is customized for every person that works with me.

But in the meantime, that's one change you can make, and make sure that it's not pointing to the Lord. That is something universally found to cause a lot of restless sleep or very disturbed sleep, basically. So if you've not been enjoying good sleep for the longest time.

Time to start looking at what direction, are you pointing at sleep, that there's a lot more in terms of the bedroom and the specifics and the other colors and themes and all that good stuff that happened in the bedroom. So I can cover those aspects separately in other videos So for today's discussion, it's just directions.

Take a look today and see what can you do to improve.

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