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The Journey from Mystery to Mastery

Jumping into another topic of interest here, personally, it's been my journey at many levels and I'd like to share with you more about the journey from mystery to mastery. And when I say this, it's not about just one or two areas of your life but pretty much all areas of your life. If you think about the wheel or circle of life and you score each area of your life from 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. You will find you are doing well in some areas and not in others. So when you connect all these different dots it's very rare that people get anything close to a circle. When they complete and connect all the dots for a lot of people it is up and down and spiky to be precise. When this happens a lot of frustration comes in because some areas of your life are working while some are not. Although they are all very much related to each other, we may or may not have thought about it that way, we may not have connected the dots that way but that's the way it works. They're all very connected. When people come to me, you know find some areas of their life are doing well while others are not. When people come to me to work on their health, that pretty much is a big concern at that time while other areas may or may not be doing well. Others come to me to primarily focus on their confidence and intuition while other areas of their life seem okay. There are some others where everything seems to be just fine but something is missing at the core- the deeper meaning, the purpose, the reason for existence, or they're trying to find that inner Spark. And they haven't always had a chance to put a finger on it or they don't know what it is.

So whether you're looking at health, relationships, wealth, work, lifestyle spirituality, or any of those areas all we want is harmony in each of these areas. We want balance because that is what is going to take us upward and onward so much more easily than if one is working and the other is not right. If you think about it from a different perspective, if we were to create or calculate an average score based on all your scoring that you did from one to 10. Maybe the average overall is just at a two or a three, depending on how the wheel of life came about for you. So just imagine if we upped the average from three to six. It simply meant that the ones that you are doing well might already be at a good level so would just work on improving the other areas. When the overall average goes up, you'd feel so much more in balance. And you can feel the effect of the harmony, you will feel the calm, peace, and joy. What happens to make the shift is understanding the pieces that are not working and then moving that from a place of mystery to a place of mastery. It simply means that there is a gap between these two states. Going from mystery to mastery means you are understanding the patterns that are keeping you stuck. You are understanding the different beliefs, thoughts, fears, or whatever other emotional pieces are that are keeping you stuck where you are and keeping you in constant chaos. When you start peeling those layers off and start to understand what is going on, you choose to come from a place of calm and allow more ease and grace into your life. And that means you are in charge of what's going on because you're coming from a place of calm confidence and that's what's needed to be in that place of mastery. This is a way of life where ease and grace are flowing in and through you and you can experience the calm in the middle of all the chaos. Let's say some challenge comes up with a body, you understand what the body is trying to tell you. Or maybe a coworker is being difficult but you understand the pattern of what's going on. You may have some other challenge in your business but you can see beyond the trigger and go oh this is the deeper pattern. and instead, examine what is really at the core of all this. You will be coming from a place where you feel that confidence and calm. When you get to that place people around you will say hey, I like where you are, how do I get there? This is a journey that takes time and this is the result of going from mystery to mastery. Share with me what comes up for you. I would love to hear what questions, and what findings, you bumped into as a result of this particular discussion we had here.

I look forward to hearing from you. And I will see you on the next one. Take care.

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