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The Link Between Anger & Cancer

Let's talk about the core emotion behind cancer which is an intense and emotional topic for me. It is heavy on many levels but it is very necessary to examine it. I call it personal because my mom passed away from breast cancer.

Today I want to address the overall emotion behind cancer. Cancer is simply anger or extreme inflammation at the end of the day. Unresolved, unprocessed anger that manifests into an extreme form in the body. Depending on where it manifests, it has its own story, and this is where I encourage you to start self-examination. If you have stored different types of anger at different levels, I see different types of anger because it could be mild irritation, frustration, anger, or extreme anger. Sometimes, inflammation is present inside the body and sometimes it manifests outside. Cancer is extreme anger. And that's what I want to just share with you today.

It's really important to process this particular emotion called anger because it is one of the most powerful emotions that you can ever experience. If you think of it like fire it can help you burn through anything, literally. So if you use and tap into anger from that perspective, it can help you burn through any procrastination or any kind of hurdles. You can really channel your anger in a very different way. I'm not saying anger is bad, but the way we handle, and store it and process it makes the difference.

There are many ways that anger can be handled. If it has gone to extreme levels and it starts suppressing you, then, it's time to take a look at it and go deeper to find a longer-lasting solution because sooner or later it is going to manifest in a form that could be harmful to your health. It could cause disorders in some organs such as the the liver, gallbladder, or even the colon. Anger has certain organs that it tends to gravitate towards more than the others. So, the body always gives plenty of signals, plenty. It's like a little kid screaming for attention and it won't stop until it catches your attention. When we start paying attention and start working on addressing the root cause, that is when we will start seeing a difference. You will notice a huge shift as you get a better handle on your emotions, especially anger. I can then share with you how to channel it or how to harness the power of anger, into something useful and powerful. But there is something else to be done before we can get there and that is working through integrating and processing the anger in a healthy way. One of them is the forgiveness exercise that I talked about in other videos, that's definitely one of the ways that you can work through the anger. There are plenty of other systems and options out there and my only recommendation is, don't get lost in the process, and don't let it take you years because it doesn't have to. Once you decide you're going to change it and you want something different, you can make that happen. I know I've talked about the power of choice in a few other videos but this is what it is. You can choose how you handle these emotions you can choose whether something triggers you or not, rather than let something else control you.

If you need to journal about it then take a pause and see what's really going on. Is it outwardly expressed or is it, inwardly suppressed? What's really going on for you? That's the answer that'll help you take your next steps. So share with me, connect with me, and let me know what comes up for you. And if there's anything I can support you with to help you process and release these emotions in a much more supportive way, reach out to me and let me know how I can support you. So until next time, take care, and I will see you in the next video.

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