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Trauma in the Land

I get asked this question a lot when I work with land and properties. One of the things I look for is trauma in the land, and people ask what? What causes trauma in the land? Is that even possible? Yes, absolutely possible. I've seen this over and over, if you think about it, the history of land, or the earth is way older, way beyond even mankind, or our own existence. So much has happened on this planet, even before we came into the picture, so the land stores these memories of different experiences. Think of it the same way as your body that stores the memories of the different experiences. It goes through in its cells and cellular memory and this is the same way the land stores its memories whether they're good or bad. The bad ones or the not-too-happy ones leave a deep impact. And what are the typical causes of this you may ask? Some of them are natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or anything else that's caused by natural calamities and difficulties. And then there are all these manmade disasters that also cause trauma in the land. Whether it is large-scale activities such as war, mining, construction, power plants, or major construction and other projects that we do including farming and the use of chemicals and pesticides in the agricultural processes, a lot of things whether done on a small scale or on a large scale have an impact on the land. So what happens is when there is this impact on the land, whether natural or manmade, it disturbs the energetics of the place. Land is not dead it is very alive and is filled with experiences similar to how we go about living and gathering our own experiences. So when we just come along and do whatever we want to the land we don't realize what the land has gone through. This then causes a lot of health issues and other problems for the people living or working on that property. Then we just claim a piece of land and just construct buildings on it and this is a violation of the land. We have forgotten how to respect and honor the land that we live and work on. And without restoring the energy of the land to its glory and divinity, it's not possible to tap into the powerful energies that the land can bring forth. What happens is when the land does not feel safe because of all the trauma that it has gone through, and then we build property on it, the building doesn't feel safe either. It's not just a piece of construction, every piece has its own elemental energies in it. When the house is not feeling connected to the land, not physically but energetically, it doesn't feel safe either. This means the people who are living or working on that property don't feel safe either and the sensitive ones pick up on it and don't feel safe either. This makes them so afraid that they install every form of security to try and feel safe but at the end of the day, they still don't feel safe. If you are able to relate to anything I am saying then there is probably trauma on your land. Just knowing this will shift the way you feel about the land that you live or work on. So, for today, I invite you to connect with the land that you live or work on and ask yourself how it makes you feel. What's going on with the land? Is it feeling alive? Is it feeling honored? Or is it feeling neglected and abandoned? What kind of frequency do you get when you turn to your land? Now as you reflect on this, I will share what can be done about it. If you have any experiences you would like to share or if there's any way I can help support you and your land please reach out and let me know. Till next time, have fun and take care.

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