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What is Calm Confidence

Let's take a closer look at confidence. What comes to your mind when I mention confidence? It could be power, success, or even variations thereof - such as unstoppable confidence or unshakable confidence. I like to go much deeper with the word confidence. I like to look at it from the perspective of calm confidence. There may be a lot of chaos everywhere, but you are coming from a place of calm and you're so confident that it shows from the inside.

What I'm talking about is this essence that radiates from the inside out. You're not putting on a jacket or a suit and when you take it off, you no longer have it. Yes there are techniques and mindset-related aspects that do support having consistent confidence. These are definitely essential building blocks depending on the areas and people you work with. But if you want something that's sustainable, something that you can lean on, it has to come from within. and radiate from the inside out. That's the intangible confidence factor.

You walk into a room and people notice you even before you do or say anything. They want to connect with you. Even if you're not making a conscious attempt to connect with everybody, people can sense your presence in the room. And they know you're coming from an authentic place, they can tell it's real and from your heart. Everyone can feel it whether they are intuitive or not - subconsciously they gauge that there is authentic calm confidence coming from the inside.

Think about it - this is a very obvious aspect because there's only so far we can go when we are making quite an effort to be confident. It doesn't last long. But when you're plugged into it and deeply tuned into it - it is a true powerful frequency from your heart. You're radiating a pure vibration - every ounce of your body is pulsating in that vibration. And this is your natural state. Not a struggle by any measure. You come across as this unshakable pillar of confidence and strength when the rest of the world is going around in a tizzy.

Another way of looking at it is the chaos and emotional roller coaster that comes with more than its fair share of drama and trauma. For the longest time, you went with it and felt tossed around. Not only was it frustrating it was also very exhausting. But when you shift gears and flip the switch on the chaos and turbulence that's inside and replace that with a sense of calm, a sense of power, a sense of strength, trusting your intuitive guidance system - you begin to lean on your inner divinity!

No matter what is going on in your environment, it will not trigger you or make you go crazy. You come to a point where you get to choose how you react. You get to decide if you even want to react or not. There is a tremendous amount of power in being able to choose instead of being chosen.

When I say being chosen - everything that is happening is a trigger and you're just reacting to it. You don't feel like you have a choice - things are thrown at you and then you react. Whereas when you shift this equation and you decide whether you want to react or not - that is true inner power.

When you get to that place of calm confidence and combine that with a feeling of safety - it ignites your inner space and brings clarity and greater alignment so you can take the right actions to make progress. Mix all these ingredients and you have calm unshakable confidence. And then everybody around you wants to be just like you!

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