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Combining Material & Spiritual Successes


Yes, you can have-it-all ! There is no limit to how far & wide you can go.

Whether you have a very specific goal or have many dreams, these sacred power beads are here to support you every step of the way!

Everyone (yes, including you!) heals & responds at a different pace depending on what is happening all day every day.

Remember to be kind & gentle with yourself as you embark on this deep transformative journey.


Why Add 'Sacred Power Beads' To Your Toolkit?


  • These beads are proven to bring in more success & better opportunities no matter where you are in your life

  • There are archetypal energies in these beads to support emotional well-being, protection, health, relationships, prosperity, overcoming obstacles & more!

  • These beads may help release & let go of stress & other accumulated emotions so you can finally feel light-er

  • These beads may help clear up chaos & mental fog so you can experience creativity & clarity in everything you do

  • These beads may help clear energetic attachments so you can feel safer & protected in your spiritual pursuits

  • These beads may help you feel more connected to your guidance so you can finally trust yourself again

  • These beads may help you feel calm, confident & in charge of your inner worlds so you can step up & be more of you!


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What's Included:


  • Energized 'Sacred Power Beads' threaded in a long silver chain
  • Infused to stay high frequency forever – no recharging needed!
  • Shipped in a beautiful wooden box that you can use to safely store it when not in use.


Recommended Usage:


  • Wear as often & as continuously as possible. Consistency is key!
  • Store in a safe place when taking a shower
  • Avoid getting any chemicals or liquids on the beads.


Real Results From Using Power Beads


  • From not being able to retain food & energy to healing the body to have sustained energies plus get back to active lifestyle

  • From being dependent on an external device to monitor heart beat to completely healing the heart & not needing any surgery

  • From feeling stuck & not making progress to moving forward & gaining closure on key open items

  • From feeling energetically violated to stepping into more confidence & feeling safe in the body & at work

  • From intense emotional roller coaster to having the ability to better manage emotions

  • From being overwhelmed, stressed with blood pressure issues to restoring normal blood pressure

  • From being entangled in legal disputes to gaining clarity on next steps

  • From feeling zapped by negativity from people to creating & maintaining stronger boundaries

  • From feeling disconnected to exploring deeper more meaningful connections with friends & family

  • From feeling heavy & tired all the time to feeling light & happy & energized on a consistent basis.

Sacred Power Beads

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Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Pay Plan Option
Plan available to make it easier for you!
$300.00every month for 2 months
  • This session can be used for healing, activation or to gain clarity on your next steps:

    • Add key techniques to your toolkit to help you manage and respond to emotions rather than just react
    • Gain insight into heavy energies in your space that may be keeping you stuck
    • Understand what is causing persistent health issues
    • Identify areas of your life that need more attention at this time so you can bring in balance & harmony.

    NOTE: This session must be scheduled & completed within 30 days of purchase.

    • The sessions or products on this website are not a medical diagnosis nor are they a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, or other qualified professionals

    • You understand & agree that you are fully responsible for your physical, mental & emotional well-being, including the choices & decisions you make

    • All products including crystals are being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final. On the rare occassion that any product gets damaged or does not reach you, please contact us right away.

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