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To Meditate or Not

How about looking at meditation from a different perspective? We all know at some level that it's beneficial. Everybody talks about it and the most successful people seem to swear by it. Then why is it so difficult for a lot of people to do it even at a very basic ground level? I've been to a lot of different programs myself, I've been initiated quite a few different times in my life. There are some things I've liked about some systems, there are some things I haven't. So what I've done is I've cherry-picked along the way what has really worked for me and left out what didn't. And so it turns out that what I do now is pretty much my own hybrid system. So if this is something that's been on your list, but you just haven't got to it I don't blame you. It's not easy. A lot of systems will recommend you sit for longer periods of time. Boy, that's a challenge as are the thoughts come screaming and screaming like there's no tomorrow. The moment you sit down and close your eyes, it's like there's a floodgate that just opened up.

So what should you do?

I have a simpler solution for you if you want to give it a shot. And I will say, do this with an open mind, without any expectations without any strings attached. Even if it has never worked before, it's okay. Give it a shot. And then, let me know what comes up for you. I will share some simple steps here for you to do and then once you get the hang of it feel free to adapt, to make changes and make it your own. This is just a guideline to help you get started. Step number one, place your hands on your heart and just connect your heart, all the way down. Going through your feet into the earth, all the way into the heart of the earth. It should take you a few seconds. Just connect your heart to the heart of the earth, and bring back those energies in. This will help you stay grounded and stay connected with your body as you get started with meditation. You can be in the space for a little bit longer if you like, just bringing your awareness to this beautiful connection and then just stay in that space. Once you feel comfortable, the next step I would recommend is when you're sitting down, keep both your feet on the ground, especially if you're sitting on the chair. Don't cross your legs or sit in some odd position. Just keep both your feet on the ground so you maintain that connection with the earth.

And then, when you close your eyes and a million thoughts, start coming, just let them come, don't fight them or push back. Let him come and acknowledge them and let go. Acknowledge the thoughts that are coming and let them come. And while that's happening start doing some deep breathing into your stomach. Not the surface breathing but the deep breathing into your stomach. Think of it like you're filling up a balloon. This time, the tummy is your balloon. So, each time you take a breath in, go deep fill up your stomach. And when you exhale, take the time and exhale. Focus on this deep breathing. Your hands can be anywhere like by your side, on the chair, on your lap or you can even place them on your abdomen as you breathe in and out just to bring that awareness to that space,

Follow these steps and even if you're sitting for just five minutes that's perfectly fine, you will do great. It's not about sitting continuously for one hour once a week. that's not going to do much. But if you did five minutes every day that is going to make a huge difference because you are coming to the present moment every day which is more powerful than doing it once a week. And once you get into the rhythm of doing it five times a day you can try doing it twice a day. Each time for five minutes. Just keep to the five-minute mark. Don't get over-ambitious, when you get started, that's when a lot of things fall apart. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time to plug into this new rhythm, and once you have it for a week then you can do it twice a day for another week, and keep that for at least two or three weeks. This consistency is what is going to get you to places you never thought were possible. It's consistency and practice like everywhere else. The more you practice, the stronger you will be. Share with me what comes up and what you figure out as you practice your routine and ritual for meditation. If there's anything more I can support you with, feel free to reach out, and most importantly, have fun because this is going take you places that you never thought were possible.

Until next time. Take care. And I will see you on the next one.

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